Gaining Back Lost Productivity

by Gwendolyn Hooks
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Have you tried to motivate and cultivate your team to thrive and win lately? Recent studies in organizational behavior states that employees are simply, just plain exhausted-physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Further evidence concludes that burnt out, fatigued employees are unable to build sustainable performance. Ed Frauenheim

Let's discuss a few factors; high job demands, minimal social support, poor communication, (which creates low job control) , and zero team dynamics. Maintaining a sustainable work environment is key to building high productivity. Identifying these factors early as possible will offer decreased levels of stress, improved work performance and prevent costly re-hires and unwanted profit loss. Subordinate goals are important in managing teams effectively. You must have goals in place and not just operate in power alone. When goals are met collectively there is a greater chance of the organization growing. Because Subordinate goals involve two or more persons, managers are able to offer support and communication.

Let's identify some traits that may be present.

  1. Frequent call outs;
  2. Reporting to work sick;
  3. Low performance;
  4. Depression;
  5. Unpreparedness;
  6. Hostile environment.

The mental model is key to addressing and understanding how to encourage employees to be available. Each individual not only needs to have a passion for what they are doing, but listen with tentativeness and not an ear of assumption. Subordinate goals are an example of a shared mental model in teamwork. It is important that teams have a common understanding of the nature of their task (and expected outcomes) as well as what it will take to accomplish that task. This requires a strong ethic of collaboration, empathy, solidarity, and candid communication, as well as an explicit or implicit “helping” norm among the members. *Newstrom, John. Organizational Behavior: Human Behavior at Work.. Empowerment has helped many organizations thrive and become household names as well as corporate models. "How about we get this initiative going?" "My pleasure!" Gaining is gleaming!

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